Matchups set for NBA in-season tourney quarterfinals

The Sacramento Kings, who rallied from a 24-point deficit on Tuesday to complete a perfect run through West Group C in the NBA in-season tournament, earned a home quarterfinal date with the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday.

Thanks to a 124-123 win over the visiting Golden State Warriors, the Kings wound up 4-0 in their group.

The Pelicans finished atop West Group B at 3-1.

The other Western Conference quarterfinal matchup will pit two teams from West Group A, the Lakers (4-0) and the wild-card Suns (3-1), next Tuesday in Los Angeles. Phoenix got that spot by winning a point-differential tiebreaker over the Minnesota Timberwolves (3-1). Phoenix wound up at plus-34, while Minnesota had an even point differential.

The first Eastern Conference quarterfinal will be a Monday clash between the East Group A winners, the Indiana Pacers (4-0), and the Celtics. Boston (plus-27 point differential), the Orlando Magic (plus-22) and the Brooklyn Nets (plus-20) all finished 3-1 in East Group C.

The Milwaukee Bucks, who topped East Group B at 4-0, will face the wild-card New York Knicks, who went 3-1 in East Group B, in a quarterfinal next Tuesday. The Knicks (plus-42 point differential) won a tiebreaker over the Cleveland Cavaliers (plus-29), Orlando and Brooklyn among 3-1 teams in the Eastern Conference.

The semifinals of the inaugural NBA in-season tournament will be held Dec. 7 in Las Vegas, where the final is set for Dec. 9.